Since the classic age repression has been the fundamental type of relationship between power, knowledge and sexuality. Giving yourself to the pleasure is incompatible with the dedication to work you are supposed to have in capitalism. Sex was then limited to reproduction. Any way of desire with other purpose,was considered a perversion, first, then a deviation and, finally, a paraphilia. Defining sexual interests as pathologic lead to the loss of civil and social rights, internment, and even death.

Toward Myself

Transexuality has been positively given more and more visibility since it was canceled from the DSM-V, the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders. Nevertheless, nowadays few young people are listened or taken into account by the State or their own families despite the fact that gender begins showing up at a very young age. This is mostly due to lack of awareness and prejudices that still exist in society. Dan is a young person that became recently aware of his transsexuality and decided to begin his transition process in order to feel better with himself. Toward myself aims to take a look at the hardest months of transition, from the first visits to the doctor until after the breast surgery.